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The cover of the book, in the middle is the title "Practices for a Good Life", around the title are bright illustrations: stars, pencil, flower, cup, etc.

Practices for a Good Life

Burnout prevention

The book presents bodily, reflexive, writing, and creative exercises, aimed at preventing burnout and improving the quality of life.

Plastic Atlas 2019 Cover

Plastic Atlas

The Plastic Atlas has the hard facts, data and figures to prove that the story of plastic that industry is telling us is a myth.


“They Also Had Dreams” is dedicated to the memory of the doctor Aishat Magomedova, a well-known public figure in Dagestan, the founder and head of the Charity Hospital for Women in Makhachkala and a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Inspired by the life and work of Aishat Magomedova, the filmmakers Alexander Fedorov and Elena Srapyan drove through six regions of mountainous Dagestan and talked to women of different nationalities. The film shows how women live in the high-mountain Dagestani villages today, what they dream about, and what has changed since the days of the Aishat's hospital.

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The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a German independent non-governmental organization with values associated with the Alliance 90 / Greens (Germany) with the head office located in Berlin. The Foundation supports social and cultural projects related to democratic culture and green values. Currently the Foundation has 33 offices all over the world, including Moscow office which has been operating since July 2002.