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Our main values are ecology and sustainable development, democracy and human rights as well as the right of self determination and justice. Special interest is laid on gender democracy - the social emancipation and equality of men and women. We stand up for the equality of cultural and ethnical minorities and last but not least for nonviolence and an active peace policy.

Public initiatives in the North Caucasus. Stories from practitioners

This is an introduction of book based on the results of the project “Development of Civil Initiatives in the North Caucasus through the strengthening and consolidation of regional civil society leaders”. This book tells the stories of these projects, as well as some stories about their authors and participants: their intentions, expectations, analysis of the difficulties they faced during the implementation of the project and the ways they used to tackle them.


Coal Atlas 2015 released in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, 18 November 2015 – The Heinrich Böll Foundation and Friends of the Earth International have published today the first English edition of the Coal Atlas 2015 in Brussels. The Coal Atlas contains the latest facts and figures on the use of coal and its environmental and social consequences. 


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Business is changing the society

Bussiness for the society

We are launching a new program that will open with public lectures and a 2-day workshop for business and anyone who wants to act responsibly to the society.

“Proof that history can be changed”


For decades, Russian civil rights activist, historian, and German scholar Irina Scherbakova has been working to shed light on the repressive policies of the former Soviet Union. This Monday, she was awarded the Goethe Medal.

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Kantgrad is a play about humanity

In recent weeks, the play of the theater group Teatr.doc "Kantgrad" has been portrayed as "unpatriotic" and supposedly "extremist" in various media, on the Internet and on Russian television. We strongly reject these allegations.

By Johannes Voswinkel
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Gender Democracy

Gender Democracy

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