Sergey Novikov "Grassroots"

From the 8th of July, Sergey Novikov's personal exhibition “GRASSROOTS. Amateur football in Russia” is open for visitors in the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. 


What goes unseen behind the glossy images of big-scale official events? Hundreds of amateur football teams who are taking part in local competitions for the many Russian regions, republics and provinces. Empty seats, no camera flashes and no sponsors is often the reality of such matches. 

Taking eye off the official events and narrative, photographer Sergey Novikov with his Grassroots project strives to draw wide audience's attention to problems that amateur football is facing in Russia. The photographer aspires to showcase the diversity of football landscape in Russia, the unique location of the country's football stadiums, their role in urban infrastructure, regional identity and the influence they have on the local communities.

During the exhibition an eventful educational programme will also take place featuring Russian and German experts in sports photojournalism, football philosophy and history of architecture. There will be a talk about minor league football in which amateur footballers will take part; premiere screenings of football documentaries and a special guided tour.

The exhibition and the educational programme are supported by the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation Russia.