Kirov reads about fair-shared city

The Russian edition of the comic book “How to Design a Fair-Shared City?” got to Kirov thanks to the “Echo of Moscow” radio station!

We hope that the ideas about socially responsible urban planning presented in the book will help to make Kirov more inclusive and accessible and that its infrastructure will develop to fit the needs of different social groups.

Guests of “Echo of Moscow” as well as members of regional public chambers and administration officials including the city mayor, Elena Kovaleva, were presented with the “How to Design a Fair-Shared City?” book.

Svetlana Zan’ko, chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” in Kirov, said: “Kirov is now on the threshold of celebrating its 650th anniversary. City administration, social activists, deputies and townspeople are interested in solutions to problems related to the development of urban areas, which would meet the needs of different social groups.

“Echo of Moscow” in Kirov pushes strongly for the advancement of “fair-shared city” practices. In the programs “Urban”, “Daily turn” and “Turn to business” the most active citizens of the region discuss the problems of urban planning and development.”

If you want to get a free copy of the comic book or several copies to distribute them in your city and during the events, send a request to

The comic book by Czech author and architect Milota Sidorova “How to Design a Fair-Shared City?” was first published in Russian in January 2019 with the support of the Moscow office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

You can also read a pdf version of the book “How to Design a Fair-Shared City?”.

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