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The Heinrich Böll Foundation in Russia is launching a new project about the prevention and management of occupational burnout, stress and fatigue suffered by staff members of NGOs, public activists, journalists and all those working in the fields of human rights advocacy.

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The banner of the project Sustainable Activism

The purpose of the Sustainable Activism project is to help those whose job is to help others. Our team has been conducting trainings – “retreats” – held in various locations meant to prevent and combat occupational burnout that so often haunts people working for nonprofits and in the field of civil rights advocacy and activism, as well as journalists and volunteers. Now the project is launched online so at to make help and assistance even more accessible. Please, follow Sustainable Activism on Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and YouTube! All our materials are published in Russian.

The team of experts involved in the project consists of experienced psychotherapists and coaches specializing in treating emotional burnout, stress and fatigue. Currently they are conducting an online-retreat as a series of webinars for a restricted group of participants who are going to share their experiences on the project’s website. Although these webinars are conducted exclusively for this specific group of people and are customized to meet their particular needs, the useful practices that they explore are going to be published on the project’s every online channel and platform.  

Besides, the experts will offer you a range of self-help techniques, exercises and checklists and will try to address and answer the questions that preoccupy you. It is our hope that their expertise will help you replenish your emotional resources and strike a stable balance between your work, activism and private life.

The social media platforms of our project will bring to you:

  • Useful practices from experienced professionals in the field: psychotherapists and coaches
  • Interviews with activists and personal experiences shared: what specific techniques are particularly helpful and what practices work when you needs to replenish your resources
  • Publicly accessible practical materials on Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and YouTube

Our next goal is to focus on the support of activists during the COVID-19 pandemics. We are going to share expert knowledge, advice and psychological practices that help us adapt to the current uncertainty and combat stress.

Our team and experts:

Irina Kosterina, program coordinator of The Heinrich Böll Foundation. As a coach and organizer, Irina works with movement techniques and practices to develop mindfulness and strategic creative planning for the future

Olga Khokhlova, psychologist, solution-focused practitioner, psychodrama therapist, co-founder of SFTeam Russia

Dmitry Stebakov, clinical psychologist, member of European Brief Therapy Board, co-founder of SFTeam Russia

Katrina Menshikova, clinical psychologist, embodiment specialist

Valeriya Lazareva, SMM editor and content producer

Aleksandr Shmanai, psychologist, narrative and SF-practitioner, content-producer

Natalia Vitol, project administrator