International Dialogue


International Dialogue

Kantgrad is a play about humanity

In recent weeks, the play of the theater group Teatr.doc "Kantgrad" has been portrayed as "unpatriotic" and supposedly "extremist" in various media, on the Internet and on Russian television. We strongly reject these allegations.

By Johannes Voswinkel

We make girls’ dreams achievable


GirlPower, a Moscow-based school of women’s football, was founded 4 years ago and over 200 girls of all ages attend it at the moment. This sport isn’t very popular among women in Russia yet, largely due to gender prejudice and the society’s conservatism. 

7th European History Forum at Heinrich Böll Foundation

Conference Report

The 7th European History Forum took place in May 2018 at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. Speakers and guests from Germany, Eastern and Southeastern European countries discussed likenesses and differences according their respective historical classification of the events of the year 1968.

By Olga Lebedeva

About Russia...and not all about football

We would like to use the World Cup as a chance to provide you with more information about Russia. The Moscow office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation has prepared a series of texts and video materials on various topics relevant to Russia that are going to be published in the coming weeks. 

What we do

International Dialog

What is known as President Putin’s Munich Speech, delivered at the International Security Conference in February 2007, alarmed many politicians and observers in the West. It was probably less the speech’s content than its exultant tone that conveyed the message – Russia has made a powerful re-entry onto the world stage. The Kremlin feels itself to be strong enough again to see that the talk of a multi-polar world order is followed up by deeds, symbolic at first. During the war against Georgia, weapons joined the discussion. As President Medvedev said later: “Russia is a country that has to be reckoned with.”

The Heinrich Böll Foundation deals primarily with relations between Russia and the European Union, NATO, and the West in general. Alone due to its size and nuclear arsenal, Russia is an important actor in many international issues and crisis. There are often conflicts that would be impossible to resolve should Russia not cooperate, let alone with opposition on Russia’s part. The Heinrich Böll Foundation wants to contribute to opening a new discussion about Russia’s role in the world and its relationship with the West.

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