Democracy: What we do

Since the early 1990s the Heinrich Böll Foundation has been collaborating in Russia with the people and organisations that hold that belief and are acting accordingly. Primarily these are  NGOs, based all over the country. As a result, over time, a sturdy and continually expanding network of partner organizations has taken form.

Proof that history can be changed


For decades, Russian civil rights activist, historian, and German scholar Irina Scherbakova has been working to shed light on the repressive policies of the former Soviet Union. This Monday, she was awarded the Goethe Medal.

A New Attempt to Resolve the Ukraine Conflict

There can be no normalization of the relations with Russia as long as Moscow leads a war in the eastern Ukraine. This articles examines a new attempt to resolve the Ukraine conflict.

By Ralf Fücks, Marieluise Beck

Gender: Our Projects

Popularization, feminist debates, direct assistance, practical implementations – these are the methods that will allow the politics of women’s rights to be perceived more acutely in Russia as what they actually are: serious politics.

Russian faux family values: Domestic violence decriminalized in Russia

Russia is known as a country with a high level of domestic violence. There is no official statistics available, while NGOs concerned with this issue face serious challenges. And now, the Russian legal system has de facto removed an essential protective barrier between assailant and his prey.

By Irina Kosterina

Ecology: The Challenge

Climate and energy policies are key issues for the Heinrich Böll Foundation not only in Russia, but all over the world.

Coal Atlas 2015 released in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, 18 November 2015 – The Heinrich Böll Foundation and Friends of the Earth International have published today the first English edition of the Coal Atlas 2015 in Brussels. The Coal Atlas contains the latest facts and figures on the use of coal and its environmental and social consequences. With more than 60 detailed infographics, the atlas illustrates the coal industry’s impact on nature, health, labour, human rights and politics.


International Dialogue: What we do

The Heinrich Böll Foundation wants to contribute to opening a new discussion about Russia’s role in the world and its relationship with the West.

We make girls’ dreams achievable


GirlPower, a Moscow-based school of women’s football, was founded 4 years ago and over 200 girls of all ages attend it at the moment. This sport isn’t very popular among women in Russia yet, largely due to gender prejudice and the society’s conservatism. 

7th European History Forum at Heinrich Böll Foundation

Conference Report

The 7th European History Forum took place in May 2018 at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. Speakers and guests from Germany, Eastern and Southeastern European countries discussed likenesses and differences according their respective historical classification of the events of the year 1968.

By Olga Lebedeva
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