Gender Democracy

What is gender? Why is gender so important in Russia? Does equality between women and men exist? There are no easy questions to these answers.

With the purpose of getting closer to the understanding of gender relationships and politicize the topics of gender equality in the contemporary Russian context, we implement different initiatives, both activist-oriented and in the form of scientific, creative and educational projects; we hold events, publish books and articles, and support local NGOs.


Справа на фотографии голова девочки в профиль, белый платок с вышивкой на голове, на левой руке, которой девочка придерживает платок, много колец

They Also Had Dreams. Stories of Dagestani Women

Science, Gender, Sexuality. The „Uncensored“ Conference


Gender dlia Chainikov

The Moscow office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation has published a little book titled “Gender dlia Chainikov” (Gender for Chainiki, chainik - kettle or tea-pot, when applied to a person, the word means “beginner”).