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Business is changing the society

Bussiness for the society

We are launching a new program that will open with public lectures and a 2-day workshop for business and anyone who wants to act responsibly to the society.

“Proof that history can be changed”


For decades, Russian civil rights activist, historian, and German scholar Irina Scherbakova has been working to shed light on the repressive policies of the former Soviet Union. This Monday, she was awarded the Goethe Medal.

A New Attempt to Resolve the Ukraine Conflict

There can be no normalization of the relations with Russia as long as Moscow leads a war in the eastern Ukraine. This articles examines a new attempt to resolve the Ukraine conflict.

By Ralf Fücks, Marieluise Beck

New green EU-Russia talks 2016

“The New Green EU-Russia Talks“- forum was held 11-12 February 2016 in Moscow, under the theme “A New Form of Anti-liberalism in Europe? Left and Right Wing Populism in EU and Russia“.

What is the Green identity?

American researchers Andrei S. Markovits and Joseph Claver decided to describe and comprehend the experience of one of the most progressive political movements in Europe today - the experience of the  Green movement. The result of their work was a little book called "30 Years in the Bundestag." Heinrich Boell Foundation in Russia is pleased to announce the release of the Russian translation of this publication.


The new project of the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Russia and the online magazine - Dissidents

The Russian City: “Why is it all like that?”

“Why is it all like that?” - This is the title of the new project established by Heinrich Boll Foundation and the online magazine for urban development Beginning from the autumn of 2014, we have been organising discussions each month at some of the top locations in Moscow about the most pressing issues of Russian cities with experts and professionals in the field of urban development.

Putin's Nationalism Will Break Russia Apart

Much has been said about what Ukraine's ongoing crisis will mean for this young state's journey toward nationhood. The reverse seems to hold true, however, when the conversation turns to Russia, despite it being a nation state for an equally short length of time. 

By Jens Siegert

Cinéma Verité

In Autumn 2013 the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and the society- and culture-focused web portal launched their “Cinéma Verité” programa  - “Kino Pravda” in the style of Russian documentary maker Dsiga Vertov and his followers of the 1960s European Movie