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Kantgrad is a play about humanity

In recent weeks, the play of the theater group Teatr.doc "Kantgrad" has been portrayed as "unpatriotic" and supposedly "extremist" in various media, on the Internet and on Russian television. We strongly reject these allegations.

By Johannes Voswinkel

We make girls’ dreams achievable


GirlPower, a Moscow-based school of women’s football, was founded 4 years ago and over 200 girls of all ages attend it at the moment. This sport isn’t very popular among women in Russia yet, largely due to gender prejudice and the society’s conservatism. 

7th European History Forum at Heinrich Böll Foundation

Conference Report

The 7th European History Forum took place in May 2018 at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. Speakers and guests from Germany, Eastern and Southeastern European countries discussed likenesses and differences according their respective historical classification of the events of the year 1968.

By Olga Lebedeva

G20 in Focus

The Group of 20 is an informal club of some of the strongest economies in the world. Together, these industrialized and emerging economies direct some important world policies. This happens mostly behind closed doors!


Brexit: United Kingdom is divided

The referendum on UK's membership in the EU marks a unprecedented turning point in the history of the EU. Its effects cannot entirely be foreseen but it shows the current problem areas of the European integration project.

By Klaus Linsenmeier

International Working Group: Thinking about a Common European Future

Over the last two days (21/22 September 2015), civil society actors and think tank experts from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Germany have met to confer on the crisis of the European security order and on ways out of the current political-military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The conference was organized by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, the Moscow Organizing Committee of the All-Russia Civil Forum, the Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw and the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kiev.

European Historical Forum 2014

The European History Forum took place in the Heinrich Böll Foundation for the fourth time on November 13 and 14. This time the title was "1914-2014: History in the Service of War and Propaganda"

G20 Update - Monthly newsletter

The Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes a monthly newsletter, the “G20 Update”, on the G20 Summit processes and outcomes with special emphasis on the contributions to the processes by civil society organizations.

3. European Historical Forum

Berlin 7th/8th November, 2013 A subject of this year's international trade conference were the opportunities and limitations of the Film medium concerning the conveyance of history. 

Examining the Turkish-Russian rapprochement

If the official line coming out of Turkey is to be believed, Turkish-Russian relations have never been better than they are today. Separating the official bluster from the facts is difficult, however, due to a lack of transparency on both sides. As a part of an event series on Turkish foreign policy, the Heinrich Boell Foundation Turkey has cooperated with the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Carnegie Center in Moscow to attempt to provide a critical survey.

EU EaP and Russia

On 25th of June 2009 the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Moscow, in conjunction with the Sakharov-Center, organized a round-table discussion entitled "EU Eastern Partnership and Russia".