„Cinema verité – 2014: Documentary in a year of upheaval“

"When we started our project and named it cinema verité we did not yet know, how soon this verité (truth, at least in the cinema) would become a necessity in Russia. In this year truth was barely graspable; could not be extracted from the tide of events. The Russian reality has changed so quickly (we even have been weaned from it), that there was no time to catch up or internalise. Under these circumstances the social reaction was hysteric. The atmosphere was unpredictable.

Movies though, are capable to record the hysteria and even the events itself. Slowly but steadily, the freshly cut documentaries dealing with topics like Olympia, the Ukrainian Maidan, the LGBT-youth and Moscow migrants evolved into something similar to a notebook- and a diary. It tells the story, of probably the most controversial year, of this decade, for Russia and Europe.

The idea of this short anthology, is the attempt, to review the diary with all its marginal notes and movies, and also to review the plain truth."

The anthology contains two parts: Topics and Methods. In the first part journalists, political scientists and activists deal with the processes that concern us all; which could be captured by our documentalists this year. The second part deals with the methods, the outstanding Russian documentary directors report, in form of a monologue, about their procedures and working methods, dealing with reality.

Andrej Archangelsky, Arkady Babtschenko, Alexander Baunow, Ilya Budraitskis, Boris Grosowsky, Anton Dolin, Alexei Levinson, Nadja Plungjan, Kirill Rogow, Kirill Sabir participated in the review of the topic section. In writing Witaliy Manskiy, Sergey Dworzewoj, Marina Rasbezkina, Alena Polunina, Alexander Rastorguew, Alischer Chamichodzaew devoted themselves to the method section.

Actively involved in helping  to  create  the  book were: Wasiliy Korezkiy, Alexei Artamonow, Elena Ratschewa, Natalja Zotova, Uljana Antipova, Daria Woinowa, Irina Timascheva and as a provider of the idea and editor Michail Ratgauz.

You can download the e-book on the website Colta.ru in three different formats.

The link: http://www.colta.ru/articles/society/5754

We wish you a pleasant reading!

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