Gender Vision of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Russia

The word "Vision" made up of cubes on a colored background

With regard to gender democracy, the Moscow office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation strives to achieve the following goals:

  1. Life strategies and behavior models that do not infringe upon the rights and human dignity of others should, by default, be perceived as equal to each other.
  2. Every person should have the right to decide how to define themselves and build their relationships with other people if their decisions do not infringe human dignity. This right should be recognized by the state and the society.
  3. Public sphere must be free from a hierarchical patriarchal structure. The distribution of power and income in the society, as well as professional distribution should not depend on gender, race, origin or any other identity characteristics.
  4. Various life strategies and patterns of behavior that do not infringe upon the rights and human dignity of others should be equally represented in public sphere.
  5. Formation of cultural memory should be based on the principles of gender equality: historic achievements of people should be recognized regardless of their gender identity, nationality, race, and other identity characteristics.
  6. The state should adopt anti-discrimination laws and effective mechanisms for monitoring their implementation.
  7. The diversity of gender identities, forms of relationships and sexual orientation should be equally recognized by law, state and society.